For Henry

Those of us who knew and loved Olivia want to gather photos, memories, impressions and thoughts into a book for her son. 

We hope that these memories will help Henry have a sense of his mother as he grows up. 

Anyone who would like to contribute is asked to also provide your basic biographical information for inclusion in the book.


So we can be sure Henry knows all the journalistic answers: who, what, where and when, and (sometimes) why, please use the following format when naming your files: date_who_what_where

We would prefer high-resolution photos for the book. If you would like to have us scan them for you, please contact Emilie for mailing information

Sending a Word document with background information along with photos is ok, too.

Written Memories

The more specific the memory or example the better. 

Here are some ideas to help gather your thoughts.  

  1. How and when did you know Olivia? 
  2. What do think about when you remember Olivia? 
  3. What exemplifies this quality/qualities to you? 
  4. Do you have a favorite Olivia story?
  5. What kind of things did you do with Olivia?
  6. What kind of friend was Olivia? 

Submissions in any format are welcome.